Ventoux Vineyards
Ventoux Vineyards

The Ventoux




The Mont Ventoux, known as the ‘Giant of Provence’, culminates at 1912 m and directly influences the conditions for grape growing. 
The region is very rugged geologically, which has led to very varied soils and topography..


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The Marrenon vineyards in the Ventoux stretch between the Calavon River and the foothills of the Monts du Vaucluse.


The soil factor

There are three principal types of soil:

* Sharp angular shaped gravels resulting directly from rock erosion. The Grenache variety thrives in these poor, very porous soils, which gives the wine a very rich, full and velvety style.

* Clay limestone soils, with a low fertility and excellent water drainage, give soft rounded wines, with a beautiful silky mouthfeel

* Marl clay soils, richer than those mentioned above, give us our more supple, more refined wines.


"The Mont Ventoux, known as the ‘Giant of Provence’, culminates at 1912m and directly influences the conditions for grape growing."

The climate

Once again, the altitude plays an important role. In the countryside behind the town of Apt, the vineyards grow at an altitude of about 400m. The wind has a gradual effect: it starts as a strong wind in the west and loses its force as it travels through the valley.
In the heart of Provence, one does not expect to have such cool nights in between the Ventoux and Luberon mountains. This slows down the ripening process. Thus, our grapes mature gently, taking their time, basking in the Luberon sun, giving ripe tannins and an explosion of fruit aromas when harvest comes. 

The maturing process in these conditions is slow. The Syrah grapes are harvested only from mid-September to early October and the Grenache variety between the end of September and the last days of October.


The main grape- varieties

* The Grenache variety is the backbone of the appellation. 
* The Syrah represent 30% of th grapes planted in the Marrenon vineyards
* The Cinsaut and Mourvèdre complete the planted varieties for the AOC wines
* Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon , along with the Grenache and Syrah, are the basis for the Vins de Pays
* The white varieties represent a lesser part of the AOC Ventoux wines. Grenache white, Clairette and Bourboulenc varieties are found alongside the Viognier and Chardonnay


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    Implanté depuis 50 ans, Marrenon est synonyme de respect du terroir et de savoir-faire des vignerons.

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