Our ranges


An invitation to taste the wines of Marrenon, produced with great care to enable the style of each grape variety or appellation to gently express itself.

Altitude Vineyards

Examples of the new Marrenon style, these wines are made from grapes grown at an altitude between 300 and 500m. The production of the wines focuses on bringing out their aromatic intensity and freshness on top of consistently appealing bodies.

Single Vineyards

Representing the essence of the Luberon and Ventoux terroirs, these are wines from exceptional plots of land selected for their quality potential. Distinguished and elegant, these unique wines are guaranteed to surprise and charm even the most experienced consumers.

The Great Breakaways

The ‘Belles Echappées’ range is a chance to try something different by exploring characterful new terroirs. These prestigious appellations have been created and developed while retaining the familiar hallmarks of our wines: elegant, rich, and with delicate tannins.