Rhône Valley Vineyards
Rhône Valley Vineyards

Rhône Valley Vineyards

Our beautiful breakaways


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It is our aspiration to produce new cuvees away from the terroirs dear to our hearts … the Luberon and the Ventoux.

Our historic vineyards are in the extreme southeast of the Rhône Valley and make the link with Provence. We share certain common traits with the wines and vineyards of the Rhône Valley:

-Our Syrah and Grenache grapes, a climate profile with pronounced coolness, or as well our stony limestone soils.

-Our curiosity has led us to develop cuvees in these other terroirs in which we find one or several of these "ingredients", to use a culinary expression.


It is fascinating to imagine cuvees from other terroirs, some bringing a magnificent aura, in a  style that we have created over the past few years with our own AOC.

The key to this quest is our passion for Syrah.

Vinified on its own, we are looking for the mineral character of the northern crus, full of freshness, and we have indeed come across personality traits similar to those of our higher terroirs above 400 meters in altitude.

Blended with his old friend Grenache, in more southernly crus, their combination on limestone scree soils provides powerful and deep styles, warmer than our own wines, which always retain a certain liveliness. But of course, these rich styles flatter with their big expression.

We also liked to work on gravelly terroirs, which remind us in some ways of our scree of the Ventoux. Here, the style is immediately marked by smoothness and generosity. It includes all the power of the personality of the Grenache with strong maturities.

We wish to share, with all those who appreciate the style of the Marrenon wines, our modest but passionate way to imagine and create blends, respectful of the historical styles of the beautiful appellations of the Rhône Valley.  With a particular attention to add a touch of freshness where power is the classic trait or vice versa, a touch of smoothness where the liveliness is sometimes more pronounced.

We must also admit that we love the thought of seeing our beautiful Luberon and Ventoux wines join "the big league"!!

"Vinified on its own, we are looking for the mineral character of the northern crus, full of freshness..."


    Notre équipe vous accueille pour vous faire découvrir et déguster les belles appellations du Luberon et du Ventoux.

    Découvrez nos animations et l'oenotourisme en Luberon dans notre espace de vente ouvert toute l'année à La Tour d'Aigues.

    Implanté depuis 50 ans, Marrenon est synonyme de respect du terroir et de savoir-faire des vignerons.

    La diversité des terroirs, la palette des cépages nous permettent  d'offrir une large gamme de vins au style unique, parfaitement adaptée aux différents moments de dégustation.

    - Animations - dégustations toute l'année.

    - Visite dans les vignes avec pique-nique et dégustation en juillet et août.