The Wine Cellars


Six wine cellars, located on both sides of the Luberon Massif, belong to Marrenon.



Northern Luberon , towards the Ventoux 

Cave de Sylla (Apt)


Winery located in the easternmost part of the Calavon Valley, producing 20% Luberon, 60% Ventoux and 20% PGI.

Geneviève is in charge of vinification and Amandine is responsible for the technical expertise of the vineyard.

Their remarkable red wines are characterized by their depth and substance.

The Luberon wines are straight forward, dense, and always perfectly structured.

A Ventoux grape portfolio with a significant share of Syrah, higher compared to the average for the Appellation.

The Grenache grapes are legendary, especially those located on the late maturing terroirs which give the most beautiful vintages at the beginning of October.




Cave de Bonnieux 


Located in the center of the Calavon Valley. The Luberon represents 65% ,the Ventoux 20% and the IGP 15% of their production.

A surprisingly late maturing terroir, with slow ripening. The vinification process lasts until the beginning of October each year.

Laurent is in charge of the vinifications and Julien accompanies the producers in the vineyard.

The cellar is recognized for its know-how in the elaboration of pale yet violet rosés with delicate aromas.

Lively Luberon reds, with beautiful tensions and an affirmed northern character.



Southern Luberon


Cave de Grambois


Located in the extreme east of the Luberon, the vines grow at an altitudes commonly above 400m.

The production of the AOC Luberon represents 60% of the wines produced, the other part being IGP, notably in pure grape varieties.

Nicolas manages the vinification, Naiana is the viticultural expert.

The wines have the particularity of being built on aromatic and structural freshness.

The grape variety composition, with a very large majority of Syrah, gives the red wines a very marked expressions of violet and black currant.

The white wines are of great brilliance, with surprising ripeness in our region of the heart of Provence!



Cave de Louérion


Located in the heart of the massif, the vineyards stretch from Lauris to the commune of Cucuron.

The production of Luberon is at 75%, the other share being IGP.

The head of the cellar is Vincent, the vinifications are under the supervision of Olivier and the technical follow-up of the vineyard is ensured by Carine and Sébastien.

A concentration of expertise to ensure great precision in the vinification!

Magnificent limestone terroirs on the edge of the Massif. The wines have a rich, generous, sometimes exuberant profile, with always very ripe tannins.

The whites are bright, expressive and juicy. The clay-limestone terroir leaves its mark on the styles of the wines.


Cave d’Ansouis


In the heart of the magnificent hilly landscape between the Massif and the Durance, the vineyards follow a gently tormented relief.

The winery produces 40% of Luberon and IGP wines, notably pure grape varieties.

Stephane directs the vinifications, the work in the vineyard is under the control of Maxime.

Classic, structured styles, where Syrah dominates the reds with pronounced characters.

The Grenache provides a pastel color and a soft balance to the rosé wines.




Cave de Pertuis


The vineyards are divided between the hilly slopes and the banks of the Durance.

A production of 40% AOC Luberon, the rest consists of IGP and Cépages.

The Vermentino surprises every year by its aromatic explosiveness. The fresh influences of the Durance play a major role.

Syrah is sensitive to the same thermal effects and gives airy styles, with rich and primary red fruits... The cellar of the fresh fruity aromas!